Sikh Research Institute

Pritpal Singh

  • Pritpal Singh

    Board of Directors
  • Geographic Availability: US and Canada

    English and Panjabi

    Topics of Interest: History and Gurbani

    Dr. Pritpal Singh is a Physician Executive with Cigna where he serves as a Mentor to Health Management teams by providing Clinical insight, Educational support, and HealthCare solutions & strategies. He lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife, Arpinder Kaur, and two sons, Insaf and Jivat. He also serves on the Board of Gurduara Sikh Sangat and regularly is a guest speaker at local educational, religious, and social forums, which seek to create unity through diversity. Himself a product of Sikh camps and retreats, he facilitates workshops and projects which aim to fight both religious and political oppression through reflection, self-introspection, and activism. Pritpal is a board member of South Asia Democracy Watch (SADeW), which works as a nonprofit organization to monitor and nurture democratic systems by promoting social justice, human rights and equity in South Asian countries.