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Morning, Evening – A poem by Amardeep Kaur

Amardeep Kaur recites her original poem Morning, Evening followed by a brief interview with the Sikh Research Institute's Content Producer, Sean Holden. She describes her personal journey with writing Sikh inspired poetry, teaching Sikhi at the University of Toronto, and what she hopes to give back to her readers.


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Morning, Evening

by Amardeep Kaur


This breath, my sip of hot cha in the morning,

       as I gaze out of the window.

Removed from my mothership, yet still held, I feel connected.
This moment with self, but not. A moment of longing. 

Love, lost, reflect. I resist, with friends 

        brightening the light of new openings.

Budding encounters full of stories.

I seek the small steps through colourful flowers and paths.

I am both here and there. My amritvela.

How is that possible?


Each breath, a new step, 

I take So Dar with me.

It’s in my pocket, with a bundle of cards 

       inked with my favourite Japanese pen.

It’s in my hand. I didn’t think I could even read.

But then I reach the last card, I thirst for more.

I could keep walking through the forest.

Even as the sun fades in the distance, I can see,

      the path is lit.

I want to keep walking.



About the Author:

Amardeep Kaur was born and raised in Hong Kong and presently lives in Toronto. She is a doctoral candidate in Geography at York University and a graduate associate at the York Centre for Asian Research. In 2019, she taught Introduction to Sikhism as a course director at the University of Toronto (Mississauga campus) in the Department of Historical Studies. Amardeep Kaur's work explores diaspora, culture in the city, and religious spaces and movements across the Pacific. At night, she explores artistic creations, walking, and training in Chinese martial arts. She has participated in Sidak at Sikh Research Institute in the summer of 2016 and 2017.

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