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Love’s Countless Yearnings – Inni Kaur

The love-arrow has pierced my heart.

I yearn for union.

When will my destiny awaken?

When will my longing be fulfilled?


I am waiting.

Waiting by the shore.

Calling out for you:

Come, Beloved, come.

I have surrendered my all;

to you.


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My body is trembling.

My breath is struggling.

My fever is rising…

When are you coming?


I yearn to fly across the sea.

I yearn to swim across it.


I have no wings;

nor do I have any fins.

How can I cross over?


I am standing alone,

waiting for you…

When are you coming?


Come, Beloved, come.

Grace me with a glimpse.

Wane my agony.

Rain your grace.



Seasons have come,

seasons have gone.

Years have passed,

decades have rolled.

Centuries have come,

centuries have gone.

I am still waiting by the shore.




Song vibrates in the ethers.

The ocean has turned silent.

The air has turned fragrant.


Zephyr hums:

“He is here! He is here!”


Love deluges.

The love-dam breaks.

I run

like an overflowing river,

rushing towards the ocean.


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“He is here! He is here,” resounds within.

“Beloved is here.

 Beloved is here.”


Radiance illuminates.

Tears roll.

I fall.


I hear:

“The Light is within.

Trust The Light.

Adore The Light.

Revere The Light.

Experience The Light.

Live in awe of The Light.

Live in the presence of The Light.

Journey with The Light.

Journey in The Light.”


I whisper:

“Carry me across, Baba Nanak.

Carry me across.

Quell my ego.

Melt my stone-heart.

Grace me, Baba Nanak.

Grace me.

Grace me with Remembrance.

Grace me with your sanctuary.”


This offender pleads:

“Carry her across, Baba Nanak.

Carry her across.

She has come to your door.

Grace her, Baba Nanak.

Grace her.”


Inni Kaur is a passionate author, poet, story-teller and painter. To Inni, every single day is a celebration. While she writes anytime the spirit moves her to, she also thoroughly enjoys watching the clouds pass her by, taking long mindful walks to appreciate nature’s innate beauty and painting abstract art-work. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.


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