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Lost Heritage: Sikh Legacy in Pakistan

In collaboration with Project Pakistan.

Join us as Amardeep Singh shares his journies and experiences on Exploring the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan & the Social-Cultural Impact of the Partition. During a personal visit to Pakistan in 2014, a journey that took him across 36 cities and villages, Amardeep felt it was important for posterity to document his explorations. In Jan 2017, he undertook another journey, traveling extensively to 90 cities and villages across Sindh, Balochistan, Pakistan Administered Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Panjab. 
Amardeep has documented these journies to motivate all communities to become aware of their past and, through it, learn to live in harmony. 
This shared journey will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Dr. Mona Kazim Shah & Dr. Pritpal Singh.

Exploring Sikh Legacy in Pakistan: A visual talk that shares the motivation and the need to document for posterity, a legacy that churned in the lands that became Pakistan.

Socio-Cultural Impact of the Partition: A visual talk that evaluates the remnants across Pakistan and provides insights into the mindset of the past generation and compares it to where we stand today.

Dr. Mona Kazim Shah | 206-380-2148
Dr. Pritpal Singh | 214-505-6375

About the Speakers:

Amardeep Singh is a Singaporean. Educated at The Doon School, he pursued Electronics Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology and Masters in Business Administration at the University of Chicago. He spent 25 years in the corporate sector and was the Head of Revenue Management for the Asia Pacific region at American Express. Simultaneously, he passionately maintained pursuits in literary and creative arts as another facet of his personality. Since 2014, Amardeep is focussed on documenting the legacies across the lands of Pakistan. He has written two books entitled, "LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan" and "THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan".

Dr. Mona Kazim Shah is a medical doctor by training. She is a freelance journalist and Foreign correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW) a German news agency. She has interviewed a broad range of personalities and is also a human rights activist who champions the rights of minorities and persecuted groups in Pakistan and in the United States. She regularly gives talks in Universities all over the US over hard-hitting issues in Pakistan. Dr. Shah recently founded "Project Pakistan" to help families and individuals in Pakistan by paying tuition, providing clothing, funding weddings, or simply donating food to families in need. Her initiative has been instrumental in building a softer image of Pakistan. 

Dr. Pritpal Singh is a Physician Executive with Cigna where he serves as a Mentor to Health Management teams by providing Clinical insight, Educational support, and HealthCare solutions & strategies. Himself a product of Sikh camps and retreats, he facilitates workshops and projects which aim to fight both religious and political oppression through reflection, self-introspection, and activism. Pritpal serves on the board of the Sikh Research Institute. Pritpal is a board member of Coppell Education Foundation which supports Education by distributing resources for Innovative Learning. He lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife, Arpinder Kaur, and two sons, Insaf and Jivat.



Haggard Library - Program Room
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May 20, 2018 at 2pm - 4pm

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