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Kultar's Mime in Calgary

Kultar's Mime is a devised play that blends painting, poetry, theater and music to tell the stories of Sikh children who survived the 1984 Delhi massacre that was organized in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. A collective of young Jewish artists decides to commemorate a 1903 Pogrom that targeted Jews in the Russian town of Kishinev. During their journey, they learn about the 1984 massacre of the Sikhs in Delhi and in a powerful moment of embracing the pain of the 'other', they shift focus and decide to tell a story that the world has largely ignored. The play incorporates text from two poems: Kultar's Mime by Sarbpreet Singh and In The City Of Slaughter by Haim Bialik.

Kultar's Mime comes to Calgary after 80 acclaimed performances all over the world. The play is a powerful condemnation of intolerance and violence, which affirms that just as hatred can transcend culture, religion and geography, so can compassion.

Kultar's Mime is directed by J Mehr Kaur, who recently graduated from Smith College and is being presented by Almast Media in partnership with the World Sikh Organization and the Sikh Research Institute.

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2 show times: 4pm & 7pm.
Limited seating.

Sukhman Kaur - sukhman0hehar@gmail.com

La Cite Des Rocheuses
4800 Richard Rd SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6L1
May 27, 2017 at 4pm - 9pm

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