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Kultar's Mime - A 1984 Play

“Kultar’s Mime is a scream of pain. A cry of rage at the unending pattern of injustice and targets the weak and the poor. A never ending pattern that transcends geography, culture and time,” said Sarbpreet Singh who wrote the original poem that the play is based on.
According to J Mehr Kaur, who adapted the poem for the stage and directed the premier of Kultar’s Mime, “In creating the world of this play, I wanted to explore the ways in which a story of oppression can become even more urgent and meaningful when a group of ‘outsiders’ chooses to bring it to life. The young artists and activists in the play discover, through their own experience of this history, that the events of 1984 in Delhi were not only an inexcusable breach of the rights of Sikhs, but a violation of the rights of humanity. The production is an immersive work of theatre that allows the audience to experience the space as an art gallery, through which they are led by the characters in the play, learning about the haunted neighborhood of Tilakvihar, and its forgotten children.”

Presented by Sarbpreet Singh


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