Inderjit Singh appointed as the Executive Director of SikhRI - Sikh Research Institute

Inderjit Singh appointed as the Executive Director of SikhRI

Bridgewater, NJ [May 20, 2019] – Inni Kaur, who has served as the CEO of Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) since January  2016, has decided to shift her role to focus entirely on shaping the voice of SikhRI and leading all content production as SikhRI’s Creative Director.

As a result, the Board of Directors has decided to dissolve the CEO position and appoint Inderjit Singh as the new Executive Director to oversee and lead SikhRI’s strategy and growth.

During three years of Inni Kaur’s leadership, SikhRI’s global community and impact have grown significantly, turning the organization into the leading independent platform for Sikh knowledge worldwide.

My SikhRI journey began nine years ago when I joined the Board; later serving as Chair and most recently as CEO. The experience and knowledge I have gained during this time have been invaluable, and I hope I contributed just as much back to the community. Today I’ve decided to focus my energies spreading the flavor of Sikhi. As Creative Director, I  will continue to enhance the quality and consistency of SikhRI programs, curricula, and all other educational materials that our supporters have come to expect from us.

— Inni Kaur

Inderjit Singh has spent decades as a technology and marketing executive helping companies become more focused, agile, and poised for growth. As the new Executive Director, he will apply his skills, experience, and vision to lead SikhRI in making Sikh knowledge even more accessible and engaging for all.

Having been a beneficiary of SikhRI’s content, it is an honor to be trusted to navigate such an important educational institution. SikhRI has come a long way since its founding over a decade and a half ago, and I believe we are just beginning to see the impact SikhRI can attain through its content and experiences.

— Inderjit Singh

In making these announcements, Jaswinder Singh, the Chair of SikhRI Board said:

I can’t thank Inni Kaur enough for her contribution to SikhRI as the CEO and to her continuing commitment now as Creative Director, to making high-quality Sikh education available to everyone. I’m excited that SikhRI will continue to flourish under the brilliant guidance of Inderjit Singh.

— Jaswinder Singh, Chair of SikhRI Board

For any questions, regarding the appointment of Inderjit Singh as Executive Director, please contact Imroze Singh at




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