Ik Chota First Sikh Books: Producing Quality Sikh Educational Resources for Children


In light of the recent resources that have been developed for Sikh children and the growing strength of the movement to express the need for them in the community, SikhRI will host a panel discussion webinar with a handful of those whose creations for Sikh children have been widely influential in recent years.

Developing these resources for the diasporic community comes with its own challenges and successes, and this forum will allow the authors and developers to share their own thought processes and the source of their creative passion. Ideas will also be presented for using these resources in the classroom and at home. During the Q&A, there will be time for the attendees to engage in dialogue about what other resources they see a need for.

Panelists: Inni Kaur, Jagdeep Singh, Navjot Kaur & Parveen Kaur Dhillon

Moderator: Jasmine Kaur

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