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Human Understanding and Animal Behavior

Nature is a diverse source of life forms; their unique identity and nature. Gurbani extensively uses symbolism derived from Nature to convey a particular thought or feeling. This presentation looks at major animal symbols evoked in Gurbani and how they are utilized to impart lessons in outlook and attitudes for life.

Presented by Surenderpal Singh

Surender Pal holds Master’s degrees in English and Religious Studies. He also is the India Coordinator for SikhRI and lead facilitator for Gurmukhi 101 at Sidak. He provides input for Sojhi, Liv, Saneha and Mahima program presentations and feels this work helps him explore his roots and identity deeper, giving him a stronger sense of purpose. He is particularly fascinated by Sikh theology, which daily provides new perspectives and experiences to observe the world through. He is heavily involved with various religious, educational and human development organizations and currently volunteers for Panjab Digital Library. He lives in the outskirts of Chandigarh, Panjab, with his mother, wife and two sons.


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