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Guru Nanak Sahib: 13 Panel Portable Exhibition – SikhRI

Guru Nanak Sahib’s 550 years Prakash Purab (Illumination day) is about the light that shines like the Sun and the proclamation that roars like the Lion.

The vision of this exhibit is to give the audience a glimpse into the life and legacy of Guru Nanak Sahib. Therefore, each narrative focuses on Guru’s messages in their essence. No background on the sakhis (witnessed, written accounts) is required to understand the content, which is Gurbani-focused yet accessible to Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike. 

The exhibition begins with the arrival of the Guru, followed by the travels of the Guru through modern Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and concluding with the Guru bequeathing the Light to the Second Nanak - Guru Angad Sahib.

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This exhibit weaves the different narratives of the Guru’s life in a visual experience using primary and secondary sources to create an understanding of the origins of Sikhi. It includes 13 complete and detailed expandable banners:

The Arrival

The Guru’s arrival in 1469.

The Bargain

The Guru’s legacy of Langar (distribution).

The Encounter

The Guru’s gift to humanity - IkOankar (1-Ness).

The Host

The Guru states, there is no honor in wealth earned through exploitation.

The Proclamation 

The Guru’s proclamation of IkOankar (1-Ness) and the Sikhi worldview.

The Rituals

The Guru challenges caste, and affirms  IkOankar (1-Ness) in all.

The Journeys

The Guru’s travels across South Asia and the Middle East.

The Impure

The Guru denounces the impurity of women.

The Prisoners

The Guru taken as a prisoner in Saidpur.

The Center

The Guru establishes Kartarpur, the first Sikh center.

The Ascetics

The Guru with the Siddhas at Mount Kailash.

The Throne

The Guru bestows Sabad (Divine-Word) and raj-jog (rule-union) to the Second Nanak.

The Interpreter 

The Guru in the walled city of Mecca.




Portability and Easy Setup

Each banner is specifically designed for retractable banner stands that can be easily carried and setup for exhibitions and other display settings.

Logo Customization

SikhRI will place your organization’s custom logo directly on to the banner.

Printing Dimensions

Guru Nanak Sahib: Exhibition Series

Standardized Retractable Banner Size Stands - vinyl

x13 Graphic Drops, 300 dpi, PDF/X-4:2010

Display Size / Dimensions: Trim: 33" x 80", 1/4" bleed (Total size: 33"1/2 x 80" 1/2)

Hi-resolution print ready files supplied


To bring this experience to your area



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