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Guru Granth Sahib and the Vedik Thought

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About the Presentation

Gurbani is rich in references to numerous faith traditions; the Vedik text is one among the prominent. For a long time there has been a raging debate, among different schools of interpretation, over the extent to which Gurbani’s reference to Vedik texts is a contextualization of the existing ideas with respect to Sikhi, or a wider endorsement of the thought and worldview contained in it. This debate assumes significance, since it has profound impact on how Gurbani is interpreted, to arrive at a Gurmat perspective.

Through examples from within Gurbani, the presentation surveys Sikh take on the Vedik text, and explores Sikh view of the ultimate reality with regards to it. In light of the findings, it suggests ways to interpret such references in Gurbani to arrive at a Sikh worldview.

About the Presenter

Surender Pal Singh is a researcher in Sikh studies. He serves as Content Manager at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI), where he develops curriculum, courses, presentations, papers and articles on Sikh theology and culture. He teaches Gurbani 101 track at Sidak, an annual leadership program by SikhRI, as well as a host of online courses on Sikh theology and Gurbani linguistics. He is the co-author of Gurbani linguistics book Guru Granth Sahib – Its Language and Grammar, and Workbook Gurbani Language and Grammar. He received Master of Arts in English and Religious Studies. He lives in Panjab with his family.

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