Free children's course to spark curiosity in the children – Anandu Sahib by SikhRI - Sikh Research Institute

Free children's course to spark curiosity in the children – Anandu Sahib by SikhRI

Bridgewater, NJ [December 31, 2018] – Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is pleased to announce the release of a new children’s online course Anand Sahib that explores the bani of the same name.

The course is designed for children aged seven years and above and will cover the first five pauris (stanzas) and the fortieth pauri of Anand Sahib. The course will help children learn `about the third Nanak, Guru Amardas Sahib. It will also introduce the children to new Gurbani words that will expand their vocabulary and help them improve their Gurbani comprehension skills.

The Anand Sahib course contains eight separate lessons ranging from three to seven minutes each. Keeping in mind the young audience, easy language and explanations have been used in the lessons for better comprehension of Gurbani’s message. The modules have been prepared in a manner that will help children acquire important lessons in each video. For this, questions are answered before the start of each lesson. These questions help them think about what they already know and what they want to learn more about. There is also a quiz at the end of the course to help them test their learnings.

In designing and developing these courses, SikhRI intends to help build a sense of curiosity in the children, so that they want to learn more. The courses give insight into the relevance of the Guru’s message and its applicability today. SikhRI is aware that with the advances in technology, independent education is becoming more prevalent in the education landscape, and is revolutionizing the education system. There are very few courses for children on Sikhi related topics in the online space. SikhRI hopes to fill that gap in a meaningful and creative manner.

The registration for children’s online course Anand Sahib is now open for all on the SikhRI website.

The children’s Anand Sahib online course has been made available in the memory of Dr. Pritam Singh and Harminder Kaur, San Antonio, TX.

As of today, the registration for Anandu Sahib is open for all on the SikhRI website. In order to celebrate the 550th year of Guru Nanak Sahib’s arrival, all SikhRI online courses are now free for everyone.

For any questions regarding Anandu Sahib or any other SikhRI online course, please contact Nicholas Singh at

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