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Sidak: Frequently Asked Questions

Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. This two-week intensive immersion into the Sikh culture, language, values and community is held annually in the summer.

What is Sidak?

Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. It’s two-weeks of intensive immersion in Sikh culture, language, values and community through understanding Bani (scripture), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (discipline).


Why does the Sikh Research Institute host the Sidak Leadership Program?

Part of the Sikh Research Institute’s mission is to facilitate training and development while inspiring Sikh values. Through the annual summer Sidak program, we work towards that goal by creating ideologically strong leaders for our community, through an understanding of the Sikh tradition and history.


When is Sidak?

2020: 26 July – 8 August
For those coming from out of town, detailed travel guidelines are provided after acceptance into the program. 

What is the cost to attend Sidak?

Early Bird 1 - $450 USD: 15 Spots Available
Regular - $900 USD: 20 Spots Available
Financial Assistance - 10 Spots Available

This will cover your accommodations, meals, activities (including rock wall climbing, archery, high ropes course, etc.) and certain course materials. There is a non-refundable $100 RSVP & Administration fee included in the overall amount.

Can't afford the full program fee?

SikhRI believes in the importance of education and aims to make Sikh education as accessible as possible.
To request financial assistance, simply select the Financial Assistance registration type. This assistance is made possible by various organizations and individuals who fund and support this program.

Who can participate?

All those interested aged 18 to 40 (17-year-olds that have completed high school are considered) are welcome to apply. There is a mix of students and young professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds.


What qualifications or criteria are you looking for and how can I apply?

The Institute is looking for participants who have the desire and enthusiasm to learn more about Sikhi and are serious in developing their understanding of the faith. We look for participants who are looking to strengthen their leadership skills and also those looking to make an impact in their communities.

Participants choose 1 of 3 tracks to enroll in.


Is there an application deadline?

The registration deadline is July 4, 2020. Late registrations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but acceptance to Sidak can not be guaranteed.


What's a typical day at Sidak like?

Sidakers start their day early morning getting ready and then heading to the Gurduara where we carry out our morning Divan session. The morning sessions include reciting Nitnem & Asa Ki Var, singing & discussing Sabads, doing Ardas, taking & dissecting the Hukamnama, distributing Degh, and holding discussions & Q&A. Each Sidaker has a chance to try all of the above whether it's something completely new or something familiar.

After this, we spend some time with each other over breakfast before breaking off into our tracks and starting our classroom sessions. Each of the three tracks has 3 classes in the morning.

After the 3rd class of the day, we break for lunch.

Once everyone has fueled up from lunch, we have our Sikh Ambassador Leadership Training sessions. These sessions build on your leadership, teamwork, & analytical skills.

After the Leadership sessions, we then have free time to either participate in recreational activities (such as archery, rock climbing, hiking, etc.), hang out with your fellow Sidakers, work on your assignments or readings, or maybe just take a short nap.

After this free time, we all attend the evening Divan session. We recite Rehras Sahib and Sidakers will again sing & discuss Sabad. After Ardas, we revisit the Hukamnama from the morning Divan session and reflect upon our day. Open discussion and Q&As are fielded again.

After evening Divan, we have dinner and then have personal and study time for the remaining evening.

Facilitators and TA's are available to help with any assignments or readings or to answer any questions you may have.

After this block, we have quiet hours where we get ready for the next day!


How many students are in the program?

Registration is limited to 15 students per track, for a maximum of 45 students.


If I live outside Canada, what procedures do I need to go through to attend and participate?

If you are a resident or citizen of a country other than Canada, you may require a visitor visa.
Please check here for whether you need a visa.

Please click here for more details.

Processing times are reported here

*Also, note that the Sikh Research Institute is not responsible for filing any travel documents on behalf of a participant.


What should I bring with me?

Please make sure to bring bedding (twin-sheets/blanket/pillow), appropriate clothing for outdoor, indoor and recreational use, indoor and outdoor footwear, towel(s), toiletries and swimming gear if interested. The Khalsa Centre offers a variety of activities and amenities at the campsite. Mornings and evenings are often cooler and afternoons can warm up significantly. Laundry facilities are available on site. A more detailed list is provided to applicants upon receiving their welcome package.
Please also see the Khalsa Centre's recommended checklist here.


Who should I contact if I still have questions?

If your questions or concerns were not answered in this section, please feel free to contact us at Sidak@SikhRI.org

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