Experience Sikhi

Experience Sikhi

As a complement to our immersive programs, we produce a variety of materials, including podcasts, books, articles and videos to keep you engaged.

Sikhi Through Poetry

Selections from Muhhamad Iqbal, Allah Yar Khan Jogi, Shah Muhammad, Vir Singh, Puran Singh, and Afzal Ahsan Randhawa will be covered to present Sikhi as represented in poetry from 1469 to present. Presented by Harinder Singh Harinder Singh is the...

Babas in Paris

For two weeks in August, I attended an incredibly intense Gurmukhi workshop (Sidak 2012) through the Sikh Research Institute after I initially read about it at TheLangarHall. What made the whole experience so wonderful was of course the well organized...

Ik Chota First Sikh Books: Producing Quality Sikh Educational Resources for Children

Liv In light of the recent resources that have been developed for Sikh children and the growing strength of the movement to express the need for them in the community, SikhRI will host a panel discussion webinar with a handful...

Oak Creek

Oak Creek: Sikh American Community Observations (pdf) Oak Creek: Community Action Items (pdf)

Sexuality In Sikhi

Sexuality is a polarizing topic, which people often turn to religion seeking concrete moral pronouncements. This presentation seeks to understand the Sikh take on the issue by examining ideas from doctrine, history and lifestyle. How does Sikhi shape human behavior...

Sarbat Khalsa & Gurmata

In a few days, July 21st to be exact, the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI.org ) holds a daylong community retreat on what for Sikhs is the age old and revered but neglected idea of Sarbat Khalsa .   In the...

Ik Oankar: God's Light in All

Liv A webinar for children and their families featuring a saakhi from Journey with the Gurus Volume II by Inni Kaur. Jasmine Kaur, director of education at Sikh Research Institute, joins in the Q&A session at the end.

The Messiah Is Here … and It Is Us

We all suffer at times, weighed down with personal traumas, disappointments and regrets.   According to the Buddhists, the primary truth of all of human existence is suffering.   But in Sikhi, while our Guru acknowledges that there is much...

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