Executive Director - Sikh Research Institute


The Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is a charitable organization with a mission to connect people with the teachings of Sikhi, and make them accessible and easy to digest, for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. By offering courses, seminars and workshops in a variety of mediums, SikhRI serves to strengthen the bonds of the Sikh community around the world.


In an ideal world, happy and tolerant people live together in peace. They are genuinely enthused to share what they know and freely exchange knowledge on topics they are passionate about.

Their lives are driven by values that are dear to them, and are full of meaning because of it. Enlightenment and happiness are ubiquitous.


This is the world that we strive to create by:

  • Making Sikh education accessible to anyone.
  • People need the option to learn about Sikhi in a welcoming environment that presents teachings in an unbiased, honest way.
  • Helping more people to understand the principles of Sikhi
  • Despite being over five hundred years old, Sikhi is progressive and revolves around values that can help people to live a more rewarding lifestyle. 
  • Presenting Gurbani the way it is
  • Approaching Sikh teachings without a guide may seem overwhelming. Our team of perpetual learners—writers, professors and speakers—has spent decades delivering this information to a range of audiences.



SikhRI exists to connect people with the teachings of Sikhi, making them accessible and easy to digest, for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.


  • Heritage- It is essential to respect the long, rich history of Sikhi when we teach. Our history is a key through which we want to share the wisdom of the Gurus with those around us and help them to interpret and internalize Gurbani in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Education- We believe that sharing knowledge is fundamental to a better world. However, spiritual teachings are often perceived as complex, thus disheartening those just starting out. We want to facilitate an appreciation of Sikh teachings in an honest and straightforward way.
  • Authenticity- We’re a non-profit organization, not driven by money or an agenda. We are committed to helping others gradually navigate through Gurbani, just the way it is.
  • Beauty- The Ten Nanaks expressed their wisdom in poetic verse infused with beauty, and we follow suit. We cherish the sensory bliss and nuanced precision that a felicitous metaphor can give. 


You are a(n):

  • Institution Builder – You have a proven track record of executing a vision into a fully sustainable and impactful reality.
  • Leader and Manager – You have recruited, motivated, and managed high-performing teams
  • Systems Thinker - You have the ability to understand the greater context within which a non-profit organization functions, are a master of managing relationships and relish the complexities of running a modern non-profit organization
  • Faith Advocate – You are strongly committed to educating and inspiring others in the teachings of Sikhi
  • Natural Fundraiser - You are able to weave together the art and science of fundraising to ensure SikhRI has a strong financial foundation for growth


More specifically, you will:

  • Be inspired by the SikhRI vision, values and culture, including emphasis on educating, collaboration, innovation and impact.

  • Have an ability to mobilize people and teams to take action and achieve results

  • Thrive in and be interested in leading a dispersed team in a collaborative effort

  • Have proven ability to work positively and constructively with funders, Board, staff and volunteers

  • Be able to develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy that mobilizes SikhRI’s many supporters to monetize the significant goodwill we bring to the Sikh community

  • Have a demonstrated entrepreneurial approach to organizational development, funding and programming with an ability to innovate and adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment

  • Have quantitative success at growing an organization, optimizing resources/resource allocation, controlling costs, strategic planning and implementing creative solutions

  • Demonstrate proven experience drafting, managing and presenting operating finances

  • Have three or more years of experience in the non-for-profit sector

  • Have exceptional oral and written communications skills, and an ability to speak passionately in public

  • Must be located within North America and able to travel throughout the United States and Canada
  • Fluency in Panjabi is a definite asset


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for all financial, program, fundraising and administrative aspects of SikhRI. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Operations & Administration

  • Manage day-to-day office operations efficiently and effectively

  • Facilitate the work of SikhRI’s staff and volunteers to deliver on short and long term goals while fostering a positive and rewarding team environment

  • Work with Board to ensure it is fully informed, engaged and providing appropriate oversight and direction to the organization


  • Work with staff and volunteers to develop ongoing fundraising strategies for online donations, programs, events, and potential sponsorships

  • Responsible for the execution and success of fundraising strategies


  • Continually evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of all SikhRI programs and provide innovative recommendations for improvements as appropriate

  • Engage stakeholders in the programs and activities of the organization to encourage participation, donations and advocacy for the organization


  • Ensure the sound financial management of the organization through implementation of appropriate financial processes, controls and reporting

  • Review and confirm tax filings are completed in a timely manner, including Charitable Information Returns

  • Prepare and deliver annual reports to the Board, members, and external stakeholders

Marketing & Communications

  • Take the lead as a passionate spokesperson for the organization and communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed and engaged with SikhRI

  • Develop communications and marketing strategies, including improvement and updates to the SikhRI website, print and digital communications

  • Responsible for the enhancement of SikhRI’s brand and overall image with the community

Organizational Development

  • Design and build organization, team (staff and volunteers), systems, processes and tools to support SikhRI’s vision and goals

  • Establish excellent working relationships and collaborative arrangements with the community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.


While SikhRI is a faith-inspired organization, we encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply.


Please send your cover letter and resume to hr@sikhri.org . All attachments must in PDF format and each document must be labeled with the applicant’s full name.


Our sincere appreciation to all those expressing interest in this position, however, only those applicants invited for an interview will be contacted.


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