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Engaging the Future, Remembering the Past

How should we as Sikhs deal with trauma? Professor Rahuldeep Singh Gill builds on Sikh history in order to address how to commemorate 2014. Bhai Gurdas (d. 1636) writes extensively about the trauma of Guru Arjan's execution at the hands of the Mughal state in 1606. What can this four centuries old experience teach us about commemoration, trauma, and the Sikh future?

Presented by Rahuldeep Singh

Interfaith activist and Sikh scholar Rahuldeep Singh Gill, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Religion at California Lutheran University where he has launched an Asian Studies Minor, served as Associate Director for CLU's Center for Equality and Justice, and will serve as the Center's Director beginning in 2014. In addition to offerings in Christianity, global religions, and Indian thought, he teaches a yearly course on Sikh tradition and has twice won Diversity Professor of the Year since he joined the faculty in 2009.

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