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Dharam: Is Sikhi a Religion?

We examine the following lines from Japji Sahib: Mannay mugg na challey panth / mannay dharam seti sanbandh (Faith treads not sectarian ways/Faith stays steadfast in the Way) [GGS: 3].
Then, we delve into a discussion around the following questions:

  • Is Guruji making a distinction between different religious traditions and Dharam?
  • Is Dharam different from the belief system that we acquire by sheer accident of birth?
  • Are we missing the essence of Sikhi?
  • Is Dharam concerned with belief or experience?


Anyone interested in exploring the essence of true religion with Guru Nanak as our Guide.

Presented by Ravinder Singh Taneja

Ravinder Singh Taneja is the founder and convener of The Talking Stick, an online colloquium devoted to dialogue around Gurbani. It appears weekly on Sikchic.com

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