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Creating Next Generation Sikh Institutions

Since opening its doors to families in need in September 2010, the Seva Food Bank has distributed over 100,000 lbs of food to more than 400 families. Find out how a group of young Sikh-Canadians set out 
to create a permanent institution that brings together the local community to put the Sikh ideals of seva and sarbat da bhalla into service. Kulvir Singh will share his experiences in being a part of this initiative and the lessons learned along the way.

Presented by Kulvir Singh Gill

Kulvir Singh Gill works as a management consultant in Brampton, Ontario. He has been actively involved in his local Sikh-Canadian community with organizations such as Toronto Sikh Retreats and the Seva Food Bank. He also serves on the boards of Habitat For Humanity Brampton and the William Osler Health System Foundation.

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