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Creating Confident Kaurs


What is the presentation about?

This session explores the ways we can create classrooms which are a nurturing, exciting place for Kaurs. By making a conscious effort to use lessons and language which enforces the power and strength inherent to a female Sikh, and resisting traditions which implicitly, or explicitly, favors the male perspective, we can make a difference for the next generation! Come bridge the gender gaps and ensure every Sikh child in the classroom knows, with great confidence, her true worth.

Who is the presenter?

Jasmine Kaur is the Sikh Research Institute's Director of Education. She has worked in the education field for more than 15 years. Her degrees are in elementary education, sociology, human development and family studies. Her passion is developing creative & hands on Sikhi related tools for all ages. In the last year Jasmine has conducted fun, interactive workshops for over 800 children and more than 500 parents and educators across North America.

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