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Consensus Building Among 30 Million Sikhs: Reviving the Tradition of Sarbat Khalsa in a Global Context

Examining several possible models of Sarbat Khalsa, based on the historical information available, this webinar will explore what Sarbat Khalsa might look like within a global context for 30 million Sikhs. What exactly is the unique form of consensus decision-making that was laid down by Guru Sahib? What guiding principles, based on Gurmat, will be necessary to produce a true Gurmatta (resolution of the Guru)? How do we ensure that each Sikh has access and voice in this process? What barriers may exist to its successful implementation?

Presented by Baghael Kaur & Rapinder Kaur

Baghael Kaur has been facilitating workshops on consensus decision-making for over 10 years, and implementing its principles in a wide range of settings, from legal teams to front-line applications during protests. She holds a BA (Hons) in Peace Studies and Anthropology, with a minor in Religious Studies, and a Masters in Social and Political Thought. She is passionate about the potential that consensus decision-making has for creating direct democracy in families and society, and thrilled to have the opportunity to join her love of it with Sikhi, through the exploration of Sarbat Khalsa.

Rapinder Kaur is particularly drawn to the concept of Sovereignty, which is a central idea in the Sikh tradition. A therapist, activist and facilitator, she is fascinated with the idea of using art to disrupt traditional thinking and imagining new possibilities for engaging in the world. Rapinder is a Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, who for over a decade, has run expressive art workshops in the community. Rapinder strongly believes that art has the potential to change lives and often in profound ways. When words are not enough, people can turn to images and symbols to tell their story. And in telling their stories through art, they can find a path to health and wellness, emotional reparation, recovery, and ultimately, transformation

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