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Confronting Religious and Political Corruption

Through Babar Bani this presentation explores the nexus between religion, society, politics at large and the Divine Will, as seen by Guru Nanak Sahib. It builds upon the relationship of a state vis-à-vis other states, civilians and the wider issues of human rights and morality. It tries to address question like, why a Divine remembering self-awakened individual is central to the idea of a dignified and sovereign society; what should be the duty of truly religious individuals and their role in the larger world politics? Finding contemporary parallels and learning lessons!!


Those interested in understanding how divinity in Guru Nanak's house guides Sikh attitude in a conflict. What does being religious/spiritual mean for a Sikh in a war zone?

Presented by Harinder Singh & Surender Pal Singh

Harinder Singh is the co-founder and Chief Programming Officer of SikhRI, and Surender Pal Singh has served as an Research Associate for past four years.

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