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Colors of Creation

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” [Plutarch]


Colors invade my consciousness.

I see paintings even in my dreams.

I take the plunge and enter into the world of acrylic paints.

Of which I know nothing.

Yet, I want to paint my dreams.

The paints are kind.

They humor me.

They sense my ignorance.

Gradually, “Creation” materializes.

“What was the time, what was the hour

What was the date, what was the day

What was the season, what was the month

When Creation was born?” – Japji Sahib

Gratitude flows.

Oceans” emerge.

I witness

The turbulence.

I hear

The roar

I dive

To depths unknown.

“Kesri” surfaces.

Consciousness rises

Virtue whispers

Life begins.

“The Source” appears.

Serenity descends.

Tears flow.

My creations pale my dreams

Yet, I persist

Maybe, one day

My canvas will truly radiate with my dream.





[Inni Kaur serves on the Board of The Sikh Research Institute. She is also the author of a children’s book series, “Journey with the Gurus” – ]


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