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Char Sahibzade: invincible, warrior, brave, victory

Webinar activity for kids/families (pdf)


The dictionary describes the word ‘Inspire’ as "to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural”. Guru Sahib tells us in his Bani that if you want to create a prodigy tell your children stories of their ancestors. One such story for our children is the life of the Char Sahibzade!

This webinar looks at the lives of the 4 Sahibzadey and takes a close look at the "code" that they lived by. Some questions that we will answer together are: What were some key values and how do we know?

The participants will understand that they are part of this rich and important lineage. The values that the Sahibzade lived by made them who they were. How do we incorporate these values into our own lives? Participants will be making a 'Coat of Arms' to visually display the Values that the Sahibzade lived by. The center of their coat of arms will be a personal crest or symbol of the participant, so get them to start thinking and get their creative minds working. All registrants will receive a pdf document of a ‘Coat of Arms’ to create during the webinar.


Harliv Kaur has been an active courseware developer for the Sojhi Elementary School curriculum and creates programming for families and resource materials for educators. She founded Kikli, a company committed to developing fun and innovative tools for learning Panjabi including “Ik Chota Bacha & Other Sikh Nursery Rhymes,” a collaborative project involving the Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation.

Jasmine Kaur served as SikhRI's Director of Education from 2006 -2013 as well as Sidak lead for several years. She is currently working with SikhRI's newest project ‘Sikhia- Redefining Sikh Education.', and continues to develop and present interactive teaching materials for families and educators in SikhRI’s PreK-12 department.


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December 17, 2016 at 12pm - 1:30pm EST

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