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Cet 1 is here

Dear friends,

Cet 1 is here again. And with it begins the new Nanakshahi calendar year 550.

SikhRI would love to take this opportunity to convey our warm wishes to the entire Sikh sangat, and our heartfelt appreciation for your continued love and support.

In the month of Cet, remember the Divine that brings immense joy.

In the company of the inspired, one learns to appreciate through the tongue and harmonize with the Divine. (m5, 133)

Another year in the Nanakshahi calendar should remind us all of our commitment to the Guru’s message. Commitment of the mind and heart to the unity of creation, its Divine origin, and love as its foundation. A reminder to live in constant awareness and celebration of the Guru’s Sabad.

Today is also marked by the coronation anniversary of Guru Harirai Sahib, who championed the cause of environmental preservation, demonstrating a seamless harmony between a Divine lover and the nature, guided by the principle of One Creator-creation.

In such light, this day is an opportunity to retrospect on our motivations behind protecting our planet and seek to harmonize with the Divine-permeated creation around us.

Vahiguru is pervading water, land, and space; contained in the forests as well. (m5, 133)

At SikhRI, our focus is education. We strongly believe in the solid foundation of faith, awareness, and understanding among the Panth, and that anyone wishing to learn should easily be able to do so.

With your support, we are making wide strides towards providing accessible Sikh education for all, through a variety of mediums, and will continue to do even more in the coming year.

Together we will work for the well-being of the Panth, in the service of the creation. Best wishes for a blissful year ahead imbued in divine love.

Panth ki jit, sarbat ka bhalla!

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