Bhai Vir Singh Memorial Celebration, “One Man, Many Legacies.” - Sikh Research Institute

Bhai Vir Singh Memorial Celebration, “One Man, Many Legacies”.


To the world, he is Bhai Vir Singh, the “Sixth River of Panjab.” To me, he is simply Pitaji. There are no family or blood ties, but there is a bond that transcends time and space. He used to say, “the ones who want to meet me, can meet me through my writings.” I met him through his verses. His monumental work, Guru Nanak Chamatkar, brought everything to life for me and I learned about the First Nanak through his eyes. His expositions of the Sabad, kindled within me the desire to experience the fragrance of Nam. This talk is about my journey of discovery, and falling in love with Sikhi, through Pitaji’s inspirational writings.


Inni Kaur is the CEO of the Sikh Research Institute. She is the author of Sakhi-Time with Nani ji; Thank You, Vahiguru and the series Journey with the Gurus.

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