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Bhai Gurdas: Exploration of Var

Join us this afternoon as we work together and explore our understanding of Sikhi. We will be using Bhai Gurdas' Var as a source of information to have open dialogue and discussion on. We aim to connect and understand the Divine through our collective experience as a sangat. This conversation and interpretation will be done in a safe space, one where we can all learn from one another while still understanding that we are in different places on our Guru-inspired journeys.

With Divali approaching, we will discuss Bhai Gurdas' Sabad, "Divali Di Rat" (Var 19, Pauri 6):
Why do Sikhs celebrate Divali?
What's the significance of Divali to Sikhs?
How should Sikhs celebrate Divali?

We will explore these questions and more.

Anu Kaur |



Surrey City Centre Library
10350 University Dr
Surrey, BC V3T 4C3
October 15, 2017 at 3pm - 4:30pm EST

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