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Awakening to Purpose

Interested in an exploration of the Japji Sahib as a guide to a purpose driven life?

This presentation examines some themes in Guru Nanak's Japji Sahib, particularly the role of Hukam -- how does it intersect with our individual lives and what might it mean to live in Hukam. We will also visit the Japji Sahib's prescription of attentive listening as a tool for self-transformation and also delve into the social consequences of such a transformation. Finally, we will look at the toolbox Guru Nanak has bequeathed us to move from manmat (psychological lead) to Gurmat (spiritual gold).

Presented by Ravinder Singh Taneja

Ravinder Singh Taneja is the founder and convener of The Talking Stick, an online colloquium devoted to dialogue around Gurbani. It appears every week on

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