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Asa Ki Var: Beyond Duality

Hosted by the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance

Join us as Inderpreet Singh, Senior Manager, Solutions Architect at IDEMIA, dives into Asa Ki Var. He dissects Guru Nanak Sahib's message and looks at how we can apply his message in today's world, in an attempt to transcend duality.

We look deconstruct and reconstruct the conceptual frameworks generally held by Sikhs. The worldview of the Gurus has been colored and influenced by modernity, which has come to be a significant obstacle in our understanding and practice of Sikhi. By engaging with Asa Ki Var, the Guru’s underlying message of non-dualism will be emphasized and imparted.

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About the Speaker:
Inderpreet Singh is a technology professional focusing on networking, security and solution architecture . He is currently a Senior Manager, Solutions Architect at IDEMIA which focuses on modernization of DMV systems and applications. His passion is Sikhi and Sikh community related community projects and he is heavily involved with Sikh youth camps, retreats and conferences, where he conducts seminars, lectures and interactive workshops on Gurmat-related topics. Inderpreet has frequently spoken at Interfaith conferences and events. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Sikh Research Institute and a Board of Advisor for the Sikh Coalition. Inderpreet grew up in India, Canada, Japan and the US and now he continues to grow in Chelmsford, MA.



Khalsa Centre @ Miracle Valley
14100 Stave Lake Rd
Mission, BC V2V 0A2
January 12, 2018 at 7pm - January 14, 2018

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