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Anjuli – Free course on the origin & purpose of life

Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is excited to announce the release of a free new online course — Anjuli.

Anjuli is a short composition revealed by Guru Arjan Sahib in Maru, a rag that is quiet and introspective in nature. Amongst other things, it highlights the daily struggles of an individual torn apart by conflicting priorities and a distorted moral compass.

While undergoing such a state, dilemmas and distractions take over the person’s clear judgment. The short-sighted individual loses the ability to discriminate between the important and unimportant.

This is nearly every individual’s story that we all can relate to. The bani addresses these questions, bringing clarity to what should be the point of reference in a person’s life to navigate in this world.

Anjuli addresses questions related to the origin and purpose of life. With the typical life cycle of an ordinary individual as an example, it apprises us of imminent distractions. The bani also teaches how to win at the game of life besides giving a perspective on relationships and steering through them.

As of today, the registration for Anjuli is open for all on the SikhRI website. In order to celebrate the 550th year of Guru Nanak Sahib’s arrival, all SikhRI online courses are now free for everyone.

For any questions regarding Anjuli or any other SikhRI online course, please contact Nicholas Singh at

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