A Journey Towards Ghar - Sikh Research Institute

A Journey Towards Ghar

Music has a very unique role in creating and propagating Sikh values. The width and depth of Sikh musical heritage will be shared based on selected Gurbani compositions along with resources for learning Sikh music from beginning to advance levels. The current state of Sikh music will be discussed in relation to Indian music and World music based on available literature and professional standards.

Presented by Manjit Singh

Dr. Manjit Singh is an exponent and teacher of Sikh music. Since 2011, Manjit has been extensively learning and researching the Sikh music repertoire. In addition to vocal singing, he plays dilruba and taus, traditional Sikh string instruments. Manjit is profoundly exploring the history of Sikh music and its evolution from and relationship to different forms of Indian music. He is currently pursuing Masters Degree in Gurmat Sangeet from Punjabi University, Punjab. He lives in Seattle (USA) with his wife Harjot Kaur and daughter Soohab Kaur. Manjit has a PhD in Acoustics and works in Interior Noise Product Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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