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1984 & You

Two major events took place in India, during 1984 in quick succession within a span of 5 month. The Indian Army attacked Akal Takhat Sahib in June, and an anti-Sikh genocidal campaign was undertaken by the ruling political party with the active support of majority community masses and the State machinery in November same year. The events completely shook the already eroding faith of Sikhs from India system. Many were seen scrambling for explanations in the immediate geo-political context. And the trend continues. The current presentation takes a step back and analyses the event by placing it in the socio-political, religious and ideological context of the Sikh tradition that stretches well beyond contemporary history and shows a how this was not an isolated event. It tries to explore the links behind theo-political status of Akal Takhat Sahib and repeated aggression of the State on it, a visible pattern consistent throughout Sikh history. 

Presented by Harinder Singh

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