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1984 After the Darkness


1984: After the Darkness
- June-November in Personal Memory
- Genocide in Collective Sikh Psyche
- Confronting Injustice with Light-Love

About the Presenter:
Harinder Singh is a widely respected activist-educator who is deeply in love with 1Force, the Oneness that radiates in all. Love and Justice principles propel him to leverage public awareness for social change. Singh currently serves as an organizer of the Free Akal Takht; a movement to engage Sikhs around the world in developing and enacting the self-governance model for collective decision-making. Prior to joining Free Akal Takht, Singh co-founded Sikh Research Institute and Panjab Digital Library and has served on the boards of the National Conference on Community and Justice; The Fellowship of Activists to Embrace Humanity; The Nanakshahi Trust, among others. He is an author and sought after public speaker, educating audiences around the world on Sikhi and Panjab. He regularly appears on radio and television programs. He currently resides in New Jersey and holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, M.S. in Engineering Management, and M. Phil. in Guru Granth Sahib.

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