A community draws its power from the development and education
of its members. In an effort to strengthen the core of the Sikh
community, SikhRI offers a variety of educational programs and
seminars to facilitate this growth among Sikhs of all ages and in all
stations and phases of life.

To develop leadership, individuals displaying potential in shaping the
community are provided with ideological, behavioral, organizational,
and managerial skills.

SikhRI hosts a number of programs specifically designed for:

• High School and College Students
• Executives, Young Professionals and Recent Graduates
• Social Activists and Community Leaders
• Newly Married Couples
• Sikh and Non-Sikh Organizations and Institutions
• Government Agencies

SikhRI recognizes that each sector in the community has specific
needs that must be met. Therefore, specific training and development
meets those needs while increasing the relevancy and effectiveness
of informational sessions and modes of education.

All programs include sessions
on skills in the areas of:

• Communication
• Motivation
• Attitude
• Goal Setting
• Personal Development
• Self-Empowerment

Workshops and programs
range in length from one day to
two weeks. Many events have
become recurring features in
major cities, while others are
based at our headquarters in
San Antonio, Texas.

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details on each Training
and Development program.

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