Granthis for Today & Tomorrow

This presentation attempts to initiate a community-wide dialogue on how we can create modern Granthis that are socio-politically relevant to the community today. It evokes a two dimensional approach that not only sets high standards of expectation from the Granthis, but also discusses what is needed of us in terms of change in attitude and perspective to raise such individuals who facilitate Sikh learning. Simply put, Granthis with leadership mantle!!


Those who want to participate in a currently virtually non-existent debate on how to create an order of dynamic Granthis.

Presented by I.J. Singh

I.J. Singh is a professor of Anatomical Sciences at NYU. He has authored four collections of essays on his journey as a Sikh in North America. He serves on the Boards of Sikh Research Institute, Sikh Review and United Sikhs. He has lectured extensively on interfaith issues.

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