Sikhi: Faith & Followers

Sikhi: Faith & Followers is a 32-page full-color richly illustrated booklet intended for a Non-Sikh audience. The booklet traces the roots and history of the faith explaining the conditions under which Sikh arose, Sikh articles of faith, the Sikh world view, Guru, and the formation of the Khalsa. The booklet also covers Sikhs in the Panjab and the Diaspora, the institution of the gurduara, and the impact Sikhs have had on global society and culture through their unique lifestyle and belief system

Since August SikhRI has sold out nearly every single copy of the initial print-run of Sikhi: Faith and Followers

Pre-orders for the second printing are critical and ensure you'll be at the top of the list when the second edition comes off the presses!

Helping Children Deal with Traumatic Events


A guide of ideas and techniques for children and parents who are working together and in their communities toward constructive dialogue and healing techniques after experiencing trauma.

Anand Karaj: The Anand Act Centennial


Published in 2009 on the centennial of the Anand Karaj Marriage Act, this text gives an overview of the history of Sikh marriage and recognition of Sikh sovereignty in general under the Indian and British governments and the impact of the Anand Karaj Marriage Act today post-colonial India and Pakistan.

Gurduara: A Place of Learning


An exploration of the Gurduara, and guidelines for visiting one.

Dastar: The Turban of the Sikhs


This pamphlet explains the history of the dastar (turban) in Sikh tradition as well as some basic facts about Sikhi.

Sikhi Brochure: Ik Oankar & Khanda

Sikhi Brochure: Ik Oankar - Front 
Sikhi Brochure: Ik Oankar - Back

Sikh Research Institute would like to express its special thanks to Virk, LLC, of Albany, Oregon. Without their proactive initiative and sponsorship, this brochure would not have been possible. If you are interested in acquiring an amount of these brochures for distribution, please contact our office to discuss shipping costs. Any donations in support of the project are welcome.

Gurmat Sangit Darbar Booklet


This booklet was a 2006 collaboration between Sikh Research Institute and the Gurmat Sangeet Project. It commemorates Guru Arjan Singh's contributions, in full color with text and illustrations. The Sikh Religious Society, Palatine sponsored the booklet in part. 

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